Warmer Roof Leicester

Warmer Roof Leicester

Conservatories have been popular in the United Kingdom’s architectural history for decades. Their structure is similar to a greenhouse and was used initially for storing foodstuff during the olden days. Today conservatories have transformed substantially, as they are constructed in a unique and contemporary way. The majority of the homeowners prefer to have conservatories attached to their property that can be later on utilised as an additional sitting area. These multi-purpose house extensions have a positive impact on an individual’s property. Firstly, a spare extended space would increase the property’s overall- area, and secondly, the house value would instantly spike up. Besides increasing the value of a property, conservatories are efficient in maintaining the temperature throughout the year. It means that during winters the indoor atmosphere is warm and cozy despite having glazed walls and sometimes a roof. 

Most people are unable to use conservatoires in winter because of insulation problems. Lack of insulating materials in the conservatory structure compels homeowners to install a heating device in the area. People tend to rectify such technical faults with temporary solutions that turn out to be expensive since they have to be maintained regularly. Warmer roofs are an ideal solution to cold conservatories as they remain effective for a prolonged time. So here is some information about warm roofs one should know if experiencing similar problems:

What Are Warmer Roofs?

Unlike a conventional conservatory roof where insulated material is installed in-between the rafters, warm roofs are installed on the pre-existing roof. In other words, a warm roof is a thick layer of insulation that is coated on the roof surface. This way the entire roof surface of the conservatory becomes thermally efficient and adequately insulated.

There are various misconceptions about warmer roofs that refrain proprietors from getting it. It is usually thought that it is a mere insulation sheet that may change the entire outlook of the conservatory. So due to the fear of causing a drop in the property’s value they avoid going for this option. Unique Conservatory Systems is a service company that specialises in constructing conservatory roofs. They make warmer roofs in different styles and colours that would match your property’s design.

How Are Warmer Roofs Made?

The construction of warmer roofs is a bit complex as they comprise several layers of insulating materials. The foundation is made from solid concrete to give the ceiling a modern and sturdy look from both sides. On top of the concrete ceiling is the roof deck, covered with a vapor control layer to reduce condensation. A layer of thermal insulation is placed above the vapor control layer to maintain the temperature.   

Warm roofs are highly beneficial for your home. They are not only effective in conserving heat and maintaining a steady temperature but also reduce energy bills. Apart from being thermally efficient, warmer roofs are also aesthetically pleasing as they can be built in different styles with different materials. So call Unique Conservatory Systems if you want to install a warmer roof for your conservatory or house. The company is known for specialising in this field of work and is now offering services in Leicester.

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