Warmer Roof Bletchley

Warmer Roof Bletchley

The weather in Bletchley can get quite cold, particularly in the winters, with temperatures reaching 4 degrees. While you can always protect yourself, there are ways the cold could seep into your house, and your roof is one of those ways. This is why it is important to look into ways using which you can achieve a warmer roof and, thus, a much cozier and warmer house. The best way to do that is to choose the insulated ceiling services that we provide.

Insulated Ceilings Are The Best Solution

The reason why our insulated ceilings will provide you with the best warmer roof is because of the insulation product that we use. It is a reflective and multi-layered insulation system, where each layer has been welded together using thermal energy. Its U-value is 0.2 as W/m²K, which is equal to 130 mm worth of polyurethane. The lower the U-value is, the better the insulation will be, and ours is quite low. It is also dual-action, so you won’t have to worry about it getting too hot in the summers, as the layers reflect the sun’s rays in the summer.

Insulation Types

Here at Unique Conservatory Systems, we offer two types of insulated ceilings, one that has a UPVC Cladding finish and the other that has a plaster finish. The best part is that neither one of these finishes will reduce the headroom or create a vault-like appearance.

The Process To Get A Warmer Roof

We don’t just provide you with the best insulation product, but we also provide you with the best-insulated ceiling installation services as well. So, you will be able to have your warmer roof in no time! In fact, with our incredible team of highly experienced and skilled installation engineers, the entire installation process, from start to finish, will be completed within two days.

Step 1

Our team will first inspect the ceiling to identify and fix any external problems, such as leaks.

Step 2

To start off with the installation process itself, a timber subframe, which has been treated, will be installed. Our team of installation engineers is well versed in ensuring that the sizing of joists is perfectly cut.

Step 3

First, the underside of the ceiling will be covered using the unique multi-layer insulation quilt. This product is certified as well as fire retardant.

Step 4

After the initial timber subframe, a second one will be installed. This will help in securing and fixing the plasterboard or the UPVC cladding installations within the ceiling.

Step 5

The process will then be completed with our installation engineers finishing off with a beautiful and seamlessly integrated insulated ceiling.

When it comes to choosing us to achieve a warmer roof in Betchley, you should know that you just can’t go wrong. In fact, our insulated ceilings are known to prevent up to 90% of any heat loss during winter, so you will achieve the most efficiently working warm roof. That is not all; for all of you in Betchley who have had it with the excessive noise of rain, our insulated ceilings are also known to reduce the noise. Remember, the best way to get a warmer roof is through our insulated ceilings.

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