Timber Framed Roofing System

Timber Framed Roofing System

Timber roofs for conservatories and single storey extensions

Create a room that you can use all year-round

Looking to upgrade a glazed conservatory roof, or need to extend your property with a room that gives you that homely feel?

The Timber Framed Roofing solutions offer you all the options you need for a standard conservatory roof replacement or a bespoke new build to match your property. Your roof can include Velux windows, panoramic glass panels or lanterns.

Why timber?

A renewable building material, timber has been used in construction for centuries, starting in the Middle Ages. Early examples include the roof frame for Saint Paul’s Cathedral (17th Century). Most Romanesque buildings (1000 AD) were roofed using timber frames. One of timber’s other key benefits is that it is naturally insulating, as opposed to aluminium—which is known to be highly conductive. Timber has a very low thermal conductivity of 0.16 W/m2k (aluminium is 205.0 W/m2k, it is very good at conducting heat and cold*). The completed roof offers a U-value of 0.16W/m2k (even better than an insulated house cavity wall: 0.41w/m2k**).

Source Reference:
* www.hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Tables/thrcn.html
** www.thegreenage.co.uk/what-are-u-values

Key benefits

Natural insulator

Timber is naturally insulating, as opposed to aluminium, which is known to be used for similar solutions.

Premium quality materials

We select only the highest quality timber, using a premium C24 building grade material.

FSC certified

All our structural timber is FSC certified.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

All shapes and sizes…

Whether you are looking for a replacement or are planning a new build, you want the end result to be right for you.

Our roof can be constructed in any of the typical conservatory shapes (Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to, Gable, Combination),
as shown below.
Thanks to the flexibility in design offered by a timber solution, you can opt to have a completely bespoke room, with an
roof to match.

Roof Shapes


Also known as Georgian. A simple shape with a square or rectangular footprint.


Single pent roof, can be referred to as a sunroom. Offers clean lines.


Multi-faceted, with 3 or 5 sides. One of the most popular styles.


Modern look with a high (gable) frontage, double pitch, often aligned with the house..

Hipped lean-to

As per the lean-to, with additional side slopes to the side.


A bespoke shape unique to you, combining any of the above.

Customise your room No compromise on light Balance comfort and space by selecting:

Natural Light

Choose to add Velux windows to the Icoroof, or select the impressive Icoview design, an alternative that seamlessly integrates full length glass panels to sections of the roof, giving you a beautiful near panoramic view of the sky.


Ask for your roof to be designed with our unique slimline LED lights. When our LED lights are combined with a traditional plaster finish, it will ensure that your new room will look and feel just as comfortable as the rest of your home, and can be used all year round.

Blending in…

We can help you choose from a range of tile and facia colours, ensuring your space will look as good from the outside as it does from the inside.

You will be able to select from a selection of lightweight tiles, all designed to blend in with your existing house roof.

We offer a range of lightweight tiles that beautifully replicate traditional stone, terracotta and slate. With a wide range of colours, your chosen tiles will match and compliment your home. In addition, your choice of fascia and guttering will provide the finishing touches. Our options are UV protected as standard and have the additional benefit of being fire-rated for your peace of mind.

Edwardian room with Icoslate in Anthracite and 2 Velux Windows.

Choose from a wide range of internal & external finishes, lighting and windows

1,000’s of families and counting…

“Our old conservatory was difficult to heat in winter and like a greenhouse in summer. Our roof has completely transformed our conservatory to the room we’ve always wanted. We fully recommend an upgrade.“

Mr & Mrs Laverty

How does it work?

Cross section

The roof systems have been designed specifically to offer a lightweight, highly insulated solution, that is Cross section fast to install to ensure minimum disruption to your home, especially important if you are replacing a glazed roof.


Light, strong OSB board, with excellent water resistance.

Ridge Cover

Air Flow
Air flows in over the eaves and out at the ridges or wall plate.

Drainage Mat
Used to improve air flow and allow the roof to breathe and prevent condensation.

Tiled Roof
Choose from our extensive colour options in slate or shingle.


Starter Trim

Breathable Membrane

Eaves Guard
Protects the timber frame from the great British weather.

To match in with your home.

125mm Fascia

GluLam Eaves Beam
Engineered timber.

Highly Insulated
155mm EPS insulation. Fully recyclable.

Foil Backed Plasterboard
To prevent moisture entering the roof.

Ridge Beam
Premium C24 building
grade timber.

Sustainable, FSC
certified timber.

Fully Ventilated
For the perfect
living environment

Thermally Efficient
0.16 U-Value

Building Control Compliant

Use the table below to select the best roof option for you

Standard pitched roof, with the option of adding Velux windows, and selecting your choice of tiles

For a dramatic change opt for full glass panels

Flat roof option that can be finished off with a lantern for a prestigious looking orangery

If you are in bungalow or cottage with a low roof line, opt for a low pitch roof

New build
Glass panels

For new single storey extensions or retrofit

Your Questions

Everything you need to know about our roof systems…

Will I be able to use my room all year round?

Yes. The addition of a roof can make your room up to 90% warmer in winter and 70% cooler in summer whilst enjoying the benefits of reduced noise pollution, no solar glare and extra privacy.

Is condensation a real issue?

The roof is designed specifically to be ventilated. Combined with the fact that it uses timber, which has low thermal conductivity, results in a low u-value and approval in a low condensation risk analysis.

How long will it take to complete the work?

Whilst no installation is the same, an average conservatory roof upgrade is completed within 2-3 days. In most cases secure and weather-tight in the same day.

Do I need building control?

Our roofs are fully compliant with building control regulations. It is recommended that you check with your local building office to determine whether or not consent is required. As a leading timber design system we are approved by building inspectors, thus simplifying the building certificate application process.

Will the roof be too heavy for my existing frames?

When compared to a glass roof the timber roof is only marginally heavier. In keeping with government guidelines, ensure the structure shows no sign of distress and that the existing foundations are adequate to carry the additional loadings. In addition it is also important to check that existing windows and door frames are suitably reinforced.

Will a Timber Roof match my house?

We specialise in bespoke design offering customers a range of both internal and external finishes to provide a matching solution for your home.

Will my internal room feel darker?

A tiled roof will ensure you lose the permanent glare and heat / cold spikes. A small reduction in light will follow, but you can opt to have Velux windows fitted to compensate.

Will the roof be strong enough to stand on to clean windows?

Providing all Health and Safety procedures are followed, the roof structure is strong enough to stand on. We recommend the use of a board or suitable covering to protect the tiles.

My Timber roof…

Genuine product

All timber roofs are stamped so that you always know you are getting a genuine made product.

10 years guarantee

Your installer receives a 10-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.

Fully approved

The roof system is compliant with Building Regulations. When you choose a timber roof you do so with the assurance that your room will be building inspector approved.

Thermally efficient

The timber roof helps maintain optimum temperature in the room, protecting from the summer heat and retaining warmth in winter.

Tested & approved

Structurally approved by specialist engineers.

Speedy installation

Pre-fabricated roof modules ensure speedy installation and minimum site disruption.

Building control compliant

Your installer receives a 10-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.


Design a room unique to you with a choice of internal and external finishes, lighting and roof glazing.

Eco-friendly timber
Sustainably sourced timber, making for the ultimate green building solution.


GluLam eaves beam
Drainage mats
Box Gutter
Water goods
Breather membrane
Roof options
Industry Compliance

Overview – What is the Timber Roof System

  • A solid roof designed by installers, for installers
  • System pre-approved for building control registration
  • Can be fitted in 8 hours

GluLam eaves beam

  • Glulam Eaves Beam (Engineered Timber), pre-formed & designed with 26mm external overhang and internal 25 degree pitch.
  • Fits directly to the window frame head.
  • No timber packing over window frames.
  • No cold bridging.
  • Extremely strong – braces the head of frames and doorways.


  • C24 premium grade timber
  • FSC certified

Why timber:

  • natural thermal insulator
  • naturally sustainable product
  • Timber Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) timber frames are now used by the major housebuilders – faster, better insulated and easier to build.


  • Engineered OSB boards
  • Better than standard ply: lighter, stronger (high gum content for better water resistance), remains flat.


  • 70% Pre-fabricated “pods” – Easier and faster to install
  • No fabrication on site.
  • Simple to assemble pre-numbered pods.
  • Single piece pre-cut rigid EPS insulation.
  • Size option: If for practical reasons (eg access to the installation area) the installers do not wish to work with large/standard size pods, we can build the roof with small pods.


  • 155mm EPS insulation (engineered polystyrene)
  • Clean burn, all waste recycled (reground and reformed) – Whereas PIR (polyisocyanurate) is hard to recycle
  • 0.16 u-value as standard, can be adapted to 0.12 (by packing eaves beam and adding layer of insulation) on demand. Required for Scotland.

A design resulting in exceptional strength Venting

  • 25mm venting strips and routed vents to allow uninterrupted airflow under the boards:
  • Creates a chimney effect
  • Eliminates risks of condensation.

Drainage mat

  • Used on the inside of the pods to ensure proper positioning of the insulation and retain airflow
  • Use with Icotile instead of battens for ease and speed.

High Back and standard box gutters, welded inhouse

Box Gutter Water Goods

  • Sourced via Eurocell, who have a national network of trade counters, for quick and easy access – if required.

Breather membrane

Premium, High strength breather membrane for optimum performance


  • Eaves Guards
  • Fascia boards
  • Trims, internal and external Note: The timber roof only requires standard foiled back plasterboard (not included) to achieve its U-Value


  • Standard selection of tiles to choose from, in lightweight steel and slate effect. Colour selection available to match any requirements.
  • Tapco
  • Icotile (Metrotile)
  • Icoslate

Performance & Service

  • U-Value: 0.16 (0.12 on request, suitable for Scottish regulations). Insulated plasterboard NOT required for standard U-Value.
  • Pods delivering a roof 70% pre-built
  • Installation time: waterproof in 2 hours, fully installed in 8 hours
  • All components cut to size (eaves beams, watergoods), for a no-mess installation
  • Tiles delivered with the roof
  • NEW: cut tile service (shingle)

Roof Options (1)

Icoroof – the original roof  Ico View – with glass panel

Roof Options (2)

Icospan – flat roof, for orangeries/lanterns Ico600 – low pitch roof, with unique interlocking cladding

Industry compliance

  • Structurally Approved: Confidence that designs works safely. Can also be used for extensions and with the use of traditional ‘heavy weight’ tiles & slates.
  • Building Control Compliant: Able to confidently work with local Building Offices.
  • System Approved by JHAI Approved Building Inspectors: Fast, simple and cost effective online application for building certificates.
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