Tiled Conservatory Roof Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is an old town with a lot of solid roofs and structures. If your property features a conservatory that was built more than 20 years ago, then it probably has a solid roof on it. But even if you upgraded to a glass roof because you thought it would look better, you still have to deal with the poor insulation and excessive sunlight. 

For this reason, a slate tile roof is recommended for your conservatory. Unique Conservatory Systems can replace your current conservatory roof with a Tapco slate tiled roof. Our slate tile roofing system has been approved by the Local Authority Building Control, so you won’t be violating any local building regulations.

It is important that you choose a licensed and registered service provider with experience in replacing conservatory roofs. If you were to choose a company that does not have a license, then you could end up in trouble if their finished work does not comply with local building regulations. By choosing Unique Conservatory Systems, you can have peace of mind that your conservatory roof replacement job will be done correctly and legally. 

There is nothing but positive things to say about the outcome of our services. With a slate tiled roof on your conservatory, you will enjoy better interior insulation and exterior aesthetics. Since you can choose from a variety of different colours for your slate tiles, it gives you the chance to have some fun with the design. And, of course, the insulating properties of the tiles will ensure that indoor air stays inside and outdoor air stays outside.

The conservatory environment will remain fully ventilated, though. Not only that, but you won’t hear any noise when rain falls down on your roof. Then you can spend quiet time in your conservatory reading a book or sleeping while it pours down outside. How fun is that?

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