Tiled Conservatory Roof Bedford

Are you uncomfortable in your Bedford conservatory? If so, it could be because your conservatory has poor insulation and too much glare from the sun. Many older conservatories were built this way in Bedford. Even though the conservatories are spacious and architecturally impressive, their roofs were not built to block air from getting in or out. That is why the insulation is not up to scratch in most of these conservatories.

Unique Conservatory Systems can transform your conservatory by replacing its roof. We will install special lightweight tiles on your roof that can block cold air from getting out during the summer and warm air from getting out during the winter. Meanwhile, the roof tiles will prevent cold winter air from getting inside and hot summer air from getting inside as well. It is the perfect formula for staying comfortable in your conservatory throughout the different seasons of the year. 

Bedford is certainly known for its rainy days. When rain falls onto conservatory roofs made from solid materials, the noises generated can be very annoying. You may then find it difficult to concentrate, sleep, read, or whatever else you’re doing in the conservatory. But if you let us replace your roof with our special tile material, then those rain noises will finally go away. Then you can relax and be at peace in your conservatory no matter what the weather is like outside.

As for the sun, its UV rays will no longer cause glare on the ceiling of your conservatory. That is what happens a lot when people choose glass roofs. Even though glass is lightweight and transparent, it is almost unbearable to be under a glass roof during the daytime. The glare from the sunlight will literally blind you. Our tile roofs not only prevent sunlight from glaring up your vision, but they are also lighter than glass too. That makes them so much easier to install.

Where We Service

At Unique Conservatory Systems we operate throughout large parts of the UK, see below for the full list of areas we service:-

Bedford, Bedfordshire, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire,  Leicester, Leicestershire, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Northamptonshire, Oxford, Oxfordshire.

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