Insulated Ceilings Oxford & Oxfordshire

Insulated Ceilings Oxford & Oxfordshire

Do you spend a lot of time in your Oxford conservatory? Oxfordshire is certainly a county that is known for its universities and educational institutions. Students of all ages love to read and work in their conservatories because they are normally relaxing and quiet locations.

However, traditional conservatories tend to make a lot of noise whenever raindrops hit their roof. They can also get hot or cold very quickly because there is hardly any insulation to prevent outside air from getting inside and vice versa. You shouldn’t have to suffer through sweat or chills when you’re in a conservatory. That is why the simple solution is to have insulated ceilings installed.

Unique Conservatory Systems offers a comprehensive insulation installation solution for all conservatories in Oxford. We will start by inspecting your current glass or polycarbonate conservatory. If there are any leaks or issues with the current materials, then we must repair those before installing the insulated ceiling materials.

Underneath the current roof beams, our technicians will install a treated timber subframe. This will be followed by an insulted quilt with multiple layers to it. Once the entire underside of the ceiling is covered with the quilt, you will have energy-efficient insulation that will save you a lot of money on your power bill each month. The quilted material is completely compliant with all the local fire and legal regulations. 

Finally, we will install another treated timber subframe to secure the insulation and provide beautiful aesthetics for you to look at in your conservatory. This will be topped by a UPVC cladding or plasterboard, whichever you prefer for the design. Don’t worry about selecting one over the other because you will still have the same level of insulation with both designs.

If you’re ready to get started with your new ceiling insulation for your conservatory in Oxford, then give Unique Conservatory Systems a call at your earliest convenience.

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