Glass Roof Systems

Glass Roof Systems

Unparalleled Performance

Our Glass Roof Systems are the industry’s most successful conservatory roof and it has been tried, tested and trusted by quality installation companies, for over 16 years.

One in every two conservatories built during this time has featured an Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof….that’s over ONE MILLION Classic roofs installed on UK conservatories.

All conservatories are exposed to the elements and must continue to perform day in day out, giving their owners a trouble free space that they can enjoy, at any time of year.

Whatever style, shape, or size of conservatory the homeowner is looking for, whether a glass or polycarbonate roof is to be used, a steep or shallow pitch is required and wherever the extremes of the UK’s weather need to be taken into consideration, the Ultraframe Classic roof system can handle it.

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Uncompromised Engineering

Ultraframe’s Classic roof system is engineered from first principles, using a combination of state-of-the-art software and design creativity from our highly qualified research and development teams, to create something special.

Every phase of the Classic system development is exhaustively tested by Ultraframe, before being passed to the British Board of Agrement (BBA), for their independent accreditation. Ultraframe were the first roof manufacturer to present a conservatory roof to the BBA and subsequently gain approval. Whether you purchase roofs direct from Ultraframe or via our nationwide network of approved fabricators you can be sure that you will receive a quality product, backed up with the BBA accreditation. Many rival products do not have similar endorsements, especially when purchased through our competitors’ downstream fabricators.

Innovation and continuous enhancement of successful products are the cornerstones of our research and development activities. New product introductions such as the Classic Tie Bar Replacement Kit and chambered thermal top caps have been introduced to wide industry acclaim. Ultraframe Conservaflash, which seeks to speed up installation on site and give a uniform appearance, and our Ultraselect decorative strips, are further examples of how Ultraframe strives to take conservatory design to new levels, benefiting both the installer and homeowner.

Unbeatable Benefits

Since its inception, Ultraframe Classic has consistently proved to be the most popular conservatory roof system available.

The industry’s sales teams and surveyors always favour Classic. It provides them with a product that ensures they can design and install the conservatories of homeowners’ dreams.

Fitters also trust Classic knowing that they will not be troubled by call backs at a later date and on those rare occasions where service issues might occur, they will enjoy the guarantee of extensive office and field based technical support from Ultraframe.

Consumers now research new conservatory projects more thoroughly, using the Internet and a whole raft of home improvement magazines and exhibitions. They can discover the benefits of the Classic roof for themselves and they will frequently insist on this roof being used as their guarantee of a quality product. Classic is the conservatory brand of choice for discerning homeowners.

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