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Garden Rooms

Oxfordshire property owners are known for their love of garden rooms. They provide a quaint and relaxing environment to conduct recreational activities in private. But if you want your garden room to remain comfortable all year round, it needs the proper roof insulation installed.

Unique Conservatory Systems can transform your garden room into a 365-day getaway. You’ll no longer be restricted to using your garden room during certain times of the year because of extreme temperature conditions. Instead, you’ll have the freedom to use your garden room during any time of the year because the indoor temperatures will remain ideal for human comfort. 

Our unique garden room roofing system is designed to provide the ultimate insulation. The system reduces sun glare, eliminates rain sounds, increases coolness during the summer by 95%, and increases warmth during the winter by 95%. With all the comfortable air temperatures trapped inside your garden room, you won’t have to spend as much money on heating and air conditioning. Think about how much you will save on your power bills each month.

Unique Conservatory Systems is a licenced, registered, and insured company in Oxfordshire. Not only can we upgrade your garden room’s roof insulation, but we can also upgrade its doors and window frames with better insulation too. In fact, we can transform your entire garden room to ensure that it keeps comfortable temperatures inside of it.

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