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Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are wonderful places to study, relax, and perform private recreational activities away from your home. However, garden rooms can get uncomfortable if they don’t have the proper insulation installed. If you plan to use your garden room in the winter and summer months of the year, then you need a high-quality roof with the proper insulation in place. Otherwise, those winter and summer months will create unbearable temperatures in your garden room.

Unique Conservatory Systems is one of the leading garden room insulation companies in Buckinghamshire. We can upgrade the existing roof of your garden room with an entire roof insulation system. Then you can enjoy the immense benefits of having an insulated roof in your garden room. Some of these benefits include:

  Coolness in the summer

  Warmth in the winter

  No more sun glare

  Reduced rain noise

  Reduced power bills

  More comfortable living space

Our installation process is fast and efficient. The size of your garden room doesn’t matter because we can install the insulation within 1 to 5 days. Our team of garden room insulation specialists can work fast and efficiently to complete the job with minimal disruption to your daily life.

All our roof insulation systems come with a 10-year IWA insurance guarantee. There is virtually no risk of condensation occurring either. Your garden room will continue to be fully ventilated without allowing cooler or warmer temperatures to come in from the outside. 

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